“Where two or three are gathered in my name…” Another God Moment

Do you want to find proof of God?  I heard someone say once that you must merely ask God to reveal Himself to you and at some point He will do just that.  In my experience, there’s another way to get the ball rolling.  Simply ask someone to pray with you and then give it a little time.  I would not be surprised if strange “coincidences” started to take place.

Back in the beginning of January, I attended a workshop at my church to learn about intercessory prayer.  Two women had written a book of scripturally based intercessory prayers and were showing us how to use it to intercede for the needs of others.  The journal was very detailed and provided varied prayers for different needs.  There were intercessional prayers for finances, physical healing, pregnancy, general blessings, and many more.

The journal seemed like it could be a really helpful tool, but I just did not think I needed to purchase it at that moment.  (We had just finished an expensive holiday season which included a costly fender bender.  Oops!)  As I was leaving the workshop, a woman who I had been sitting next to ran after me and practically shoved a copy in my face.  “Here!  I wanted to get this for you!  I bought one for everyone at the table.”  I was overwhelmed, and a little embarrassed, by her generosity.  I smiled, said thank you, and thought, now I will just have to put this to good use.  A couple days later, I had an opportunity to do just that.

I was on the phone with my mom and she was talking about my brother.  He was on the hunt for a new job and she was worried about him finding one.  Immediately I thought about the book of intercessory prayers.  I knew that there was a section on employment and finances.  My first inclination was to ask her to pray with me for my brother.  Although my mom believes in God and she does pray, for whatever reason, I felt silly asking her to pray with me.  Perhaps I was afraid that I would come off as high and mighty or as a total holy roller.  I’m not sure.  Actually, I think I might have been strangely afraid of who I was becoming; someone who interrupts a conversation to stop and say a prayer.  Yikes!  (But, what’s so bad about that??)  I cannot fully articulate why I felt so insecure or embarrassed, but I finally asked her to pray an intercessory prayer with me for my brother.  Of course she said yes.  Since it was over the phone, it felt a bit awkward reading this prayer while my mom was quiet on the other line.  We said “Amen” together and then carried on with our normal conversation.

About 15 minutes after hanging up, my mom called me back and was very excited.  “Courtney, you won’t believe it!”  Within about 10 minutes of ending our conversation, my mom had received a text from my aunt.  My aunt had a lead on a job for my brother.  Whoa…God moment.  I had chills!  God doesn’t always provide immediate answers to prayers, but in this case it sure seemed like He had.  Obviously, I do not know for sure that our prayer is what made this opportunity come up for my brother.  Some might say that it was just a coincidence.  All I know is that since I started to incorporate more prayer into my life, there have been many of these so-called “coincidences”.  As my faith has grown, I have started to believe that these coincidences are not coincidences at all and instead are little pieces of proof that God does exist.

In the Gospel of Matthew Jesus says: “Again, truly I tell you, if two of you agree on earth about anything you ask, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.  For where two or three  are gathered in my name, I am there among them.”  (Matthew 18:19-20)  Other than the fact that Jesus basically tells us to do it, I think that another reason that praying with others is so powerful is the fact that you must humble yourself when you ask someone to pray with you.  In asking someone to pray with you, you are unabashedly sharing your faith in God with another person.  Or, at the very least, you are sharing your DESIRE to believe in God.  For, if you did not at least have some sort of desire for faith, why would you ask someone to pray with you in the first place?

So, what happened with my brother?  What resulted from that text message about a month and a half ago?  Well, as I write this post, my brother is completing his first week on his new job.  And yes, the new job came from my aunt’s text message that my mom received just minutes after we prayed together.  Coincidence?  I think not!


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I am a devoted wife and silly mother of three children. Once a Starbucks Tall Soy Misto drinking yuppy living in a big city, I am now a Reheated Coffee From Yesterday drinking homemaker in a little suburb who is just trying to figure it all out with a lot of help from faith in a merciful God.

2 thoughts on ““Where two or three are gathered in my name…” Another God Moment”

  1. Courtney, you are amazing! This journey you are on is so awesome and I think the fact that you are brave enough to share it with EVERYONE via a blog is well, amazing! You are such a good writer and your stories are so easily relatable. Jesus not only told us to pray to the Father, He modeled it (many passages in the bible refer to Him “going to a place of solitude and praying;” sometimes for days!) and He showed us how with the Lord’s prayer. There is another thing we must do when we pray. We are advised to start out each prayer with a gratitude list. Sit quietly and just start rattling off the things you are grateful for: the way He provides so generously, a nice house to call home, cars that run relatively reliably, HEALTHY BABIES!!!!, ect. I do this EVERY TIME I PRAY. And, sometimes, after I get done with my gratitude list, I can’t remember what it was I was going to ask for. Or, it seems so trivial when I get to it I’m embarrassed I ever thought I needed it.

    Keep it up Courtney, you never know what fruit might grow from the seeds you’re sowing!!!! =)



    1. I absolutely agree with the gratitude portion of prayer. I didn’t give details on the prayer workshop mentioned in my post but there were several types of prayers that they talked about saying before going into the actual intercessory prayers. We used ACTS – adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication. First praise God, then ask God’s forgiveness for our sins, then give thanks, and after all that ask for needs of others. It is so true that when you realize you have enough, you don’t need to ask for as much… I will probably touch on that in a different post!


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