A Verse for the New Year

Something truly profound happened today and I just have to document it.

This morning, I listened to the Catholic Channel on SiriusXM radio.   I was listening to the Seize the Day program on demand while tending to dirty diapers.  (I needed some sort of holy distraction from the mess I was dealing with.)  The host of the show, Gus Lloyd, was talking about having a scriptural resolution instead of a typical resolution.  Hmmm…This was interesting.  Gus said he liked to choose a verse from the bible to reflect on throughout the year.  Ooooh…very cool!  I had already picked a word for the year and decided that it wouldn’t hurt to add a bible verse.

Gus had picked twelve verses, assigned  numbers to them, and was doling them out to listeners who called in to the program.  Callers picked a number and he gave them the corresponding verse.   I decided that the verse assigned to my favorite number, nine, would be my scriptural resolution.  Well, as usual, my mommy duties took me away from the radio, I forgot to pause the show, and I missed bits and pieces of the program.  I didn’t feel like rewinding the show back to hear if someone had already chosen number nine and decided I would just take the next caller’s verse as my own.

The next caller chose number three.  (Ooh cool!  Square root of 9!  Math nerd alert!)   Gus gave her Romans 12:2 which reads:

“Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God – what is good and acceptable and perfect.” 

Yes! Yes! Yes!  I loved it.  It was the perfect scriptural resolution for me at this time in my life.  (Perhaps I’ll expound on that in a future post.)  Although I’m not as well versed in scripture as I’d like to be, the verse was also something I thought I remembered hearing before.

I walked from the baby’s room to my bedroom.  I needed to write down Romans 12:2 quickly before I forgot which verse I had “received” for the new year.  On my nightstand sits a tiny notepad which I have used to jot down ideas and notes of inspiration that come to me around bedtime.  As my eyes scanned my nightstand looking for a pen, they stopped on the notepad.  This is why they stopped:

At the top of the notepad was written: Roman 12:2  
(OK – it’s Romans, not Roman.  But it’s the same verse.  Oh and do you see some random scribbles?  That might be a topic for another blog post – something about God making me a mom not because he thought I’d be a good one…Oh I’m getting ahead of myself.  You’ll just have to wait and see what that’s about!)


Isn’t that the verse that I was just about to write down?   No way…

I couldn’t find a pen, but it didn’t matter because what I needed to write had already been written.  Isn’t that, in itself, a sort of metaphor for a faith filled life?  In my head it is, but I can’t quite articulate the reasons yet.  But I digress…

Metaphors aside, the fact that the verse was already written was just CRAZY.  I mean, seriously, of all of the verses that the radio host could have chosen, I randomly select this one!

It just couldn’t be.  I just stood there looking at the notepad for a few moments, a little shaky, just staring at the page, wishing someone was with me to witness what had just transpired.  I rewound the on demand radio program back a minute or so to make sure that I had heard the verse correctly.  (I may have done this three times.)  There was no mistaking it.  The radio show host had most certainly said Romans 12:2.

I do not really remember writing Romans 12:2.  I mean, it’s my handwriting and I know I must have written it.  I just don’t remember the exact circumstances that brought me to writing down this verse.  Perhaps I had been moved by it when I was reading the bible one night.  Or it’s possible that it was a verse I had come upon while working on a talk that I gave at a retreat this fall.  I’m not totally positive.  Either way, it became clear to me that God lead me to that verse a couple months back and was now urging me to continue to ponder it in the new year.  Some might think this was just a crazy coincidence.  But for me, it was another very reassuring piece of evidence that God is a guiding presence in my life.

I hope you can find that to be true in your life, too.  Do you have a verse for the year?  Not yet?  Well, I encourage you to randomly pick one.  Or if that doesn’t float your boat, join me in pondering Romans 12:2 this year.

Happy New Year!