I am a wife to Dear Hubby and mother to a little girl and two boys.  Like many women, I struggled to be happy while I was a working mother.  Now, as a stay at home mother/wife, Dear Hubby and I face other struggles, but our home is a much happier place.  I know that it can be a really difficult decision to leave a career and stay home with your children.  If you are grappling with this decision or any other tough decision, I encourage you to just start praying about it, even if you’ve never prayed before.

When I was struggling with being a working mother, I often searched the web for stories of women who had made the decision to leave a job to stay at home.  What I wanted, and obviously did not find, was a how-to-manual of sorts to tell me exactly what I had to do to make it possible for me to quit my job.  Although reading stories about people who had made daring decisions provided inspiration, ultimately, it was an increase in faith that brought change into my life.  I want to share my stories here in hopes that you will be inspired to have a life changing increase in faith.

Struggles in life are unavoidable.  But, I’d rather be Happily Struggling than struggling to be happy.  And an increase in faith has helped make that possible.


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