Today I am 38 weeks pregnant with our third baby.  I am so incredibly anxious for this little one’s arrival.  As any woman who has been pregnant knows, the last month is just really tough.  I have yet to encounter a woman who has not met some sort of physical, psychological or emotional challenge in the last weeks leading up to her baby’s arrival.

I would love to know the date that labor will begin.  It would be so convenient to plan for babysitters for my children, have the house totally clean, make sure my husband wasn’t too far away at work when I started labor, etc.  However, because I prefer to birth as naturally as possible, I will not sot set any induction date or opt for a C-Section unless totally medically necessary.  So, all I can do is wait…and pray…and eat a lot of pineapple.  Supposedly pineapple can help to naturally get things going.  (Okay, I guess its a little hypocritical of me to try to naturally induce labor.)

I keep reminding myself that I cannot control HOW this will all go down but I can try to at least prepare and plan a little.  We’ve asked several neighbors to be “on call” for us so that they can watch our children while one of our parents makes an hour long drive to our house.  We are so lucky to have so many neighbors who are willing to help.

Waiting like this is yet another opportunity to practice trusting God.  I’m trying to trust that whenever this baby decides to come out is the best time for him and our family.  I’m trying to trust that God will have placed the right people in the right places to come to our assistance when we have to leave our children at home and go to the hospital.

I also have to trust in God that the weather, of which I have absolutely no control, will cooperate.  It’s January here in the midwest and there is always a chance of a blizzard or freezing rain.  Our hospital is about 20 to 25 minutes away in good weather.  If roads are icy or snowy, it could take longer.  I’m concerned that inclement weather would make it harder my mom to make the hour drive to come take care of the kids.  But, again, I cannot control this, so all I can do is pray for the best.  There’s no sense in worrying.  I have joked with Dear Hubby that if there is a blizzard, perhaps I will have the home birth that I’ve always wanted!

We can and must prepare for situations in life such as birth.  We should “control the ‘controlables'”, as an old soccer coach used to tell me.  But, we must also remember to surrender to God’s plan and humbly accept that everything is not in our control.  And as I write that I pray, Jesus please, if it is your will, help this baby come out soon!!!  I just sure hope his will agrees with my desires this time!!!!  Wink, wink.  Ahh…I’m having a hard time heeding my own advice in this pregnancy and perhaps I need to edit that prayer I just said.

Until I write again, God bless and keep praying!